Have you applied for SNAP or DSNAP but were denied?  Here’s what you can do.

You may appeal the decision contained in your SNAP Denial Notice.  Your appeal must be filed by the deadline indicated in your denial letter.  Your appeal may be filed by telephone by calling 1-888-524-3578 and selecting 1-3-1-5-1.   If you appeal by telephone, you should request and save your appeal confirmation number.  This is your proof that your appeal has been filed in the event that your appeal becomes misplaced.   Appeals may also be faxed to 1-225-663-3164.   If you appeal by fax, you should keep your fax confirmation for your records. Your fax confirmation will serve as your proof that your appeal has been filed.  Finally, you may appeal by mailing your appeal to your caseworker at the address contained in your denial letter.  If you appeal by mail, you should mail your appeal by certified mail and request a return receipt that will serve as proof that your appeal was filed and received by DCFS Economic Stability at P.O. Box 260031 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70826.  If this address, telephone number or fax number is different from the address, phone number or fax number contained  in your denial notice, you should use the address and phone numbers found in your denial notice.

You will not be eligible for DSNAP or what is also referred to as the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program since the COVID-19 pandemic has not been approved for this type of  SNAP  benefit as of this date.  If you find that you are not eligible for SNAP benefits and you need nutrition assistance, you may contact your local food banks to determine if you are eligible for assistance through these programs.

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