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Need Legal Services?

All applicants for legal services must complete an eligiblity check first. Check the eligibility guidelines to help determine if you are financially eligible here.

How do I apply?

Acadiana Legal Service Corporation has a dedicated application process to determine proper eligibility to determine the help you may need. We must screen all applicants before we can provide legal representation. ALSC does not handle criminal matters, personal injury or an outside appeal to a higher court. We provide free legal resources online that may help you understand your legal issue as well as connect you with a network of pro bono attorneys and more.

When can I apply?

Phone applications are taken Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and Thursday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

Online applications can be taken 24/7. Intake appointments are scheduled to complete the intake process.

Follow us on social media for updates to intake hours and office closures.

Free Online Legal Resources

All legal resources, including legal articles and court forms, provided on the ALSC website can help you better understand and advocate for your rights.  These legal resources should not take the place of legal advice from competent legal attorneys licensed in Louisiana who know about your specific legal issue. Seek legal advice directly from a lawyer if you can.

In partnership with the Louisiana Library Assocation, Lagniappe Law Lab, the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Louisiana Supreme Court Library, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and Acadiana Legal Service Corporation have created and released free online legal forms hosted by LawHelp Interactive, along with “LibGuides”, information guides designed for public libraries. These automated forms and guides help people create basic forms:

  • Small claims courts,
  • modification of child support,
  • provisional custody by mandate,
  • some expungements,
  • basic divorce,
  • unemployment compensation,
  • unpaid wages, and
  • security deposit refunds.
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