WASHINGTON – Legal services providers nationwide anticipate a spike in legal needs arising from COVID-19. The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) conducted a survey studying the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on legal aid organizations and low-income Americans seeking legal help. The data was collected from June 15-23 from 129 legal services organizations that receive funding from LSC.

The survey found that the need for civil legal aid is immense. The vast majority (97%) of LSC grantees anticipate a sharp increase in legal needs arising from COVID-19 in the areas of eviction, foreclosures, unemployment assistance and appeals, consumer debt and income maintenance.

“The survey responses confirm that the pandemic and its economic consequences are causing or will cause a spike in legal needs in areas such as evictions, unemployment claims, and domestic violence,” said LSC President Ronald S. Flagg. “America’s legal aid programs are responding innovatively to meet those needs while providing their services remotely and while facing state and local funding cuts.”

To learn more about LSC’s survey of legal aid organizations, click here

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